WAVi is a multifaceted brain performance assessment tool. WAVi makes it possible for those who are proactively improving brain health to measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Regenerative Complete now offers WAVi offers Performance, Concussion and Brain Health scans. We can accept insurance on most symptomatic scans. Base line scans for concussion protocol and performance are offered through cash payment and insurance where applicable. We also offer psychological evaluative support through our affiliation with Dr. Helen Smith, Psychologist.

Brain fog, Anxiety, Dementia, ADHD are very common but treatable conditions.

Evaluating brain health can be a complicated process. Whether it's dementia, ADHD or a traumatic brain injury, knowing precisely what's going on is crucial. Imaging can help, such as CT scans or MRI scans, but for some issues, disease or injury is not visible until it's gotten to a point where early interventions are too late.

In sports, it's all about detecting head injuries.

While CT scans and other diagnostic tests are always done when an athlete has been injured, it's vital for teams to know about the brain health of their members before taking the field. There are several ways to get a baseline evaluation of a player, including previous injuries, health history, and medical records, but a new way of measuring brain health and performance is taking a high-tech approach.


WAVi Performance offers an all-in-one brain performance assessment tool for use in non-clinical settings. This product is well suited for wellness centers, biohackers, health clubs, sports teams and much more. Testing the effect of your proactive treatments and interventions on the brain has never been easier.

WAVi Medical offers an FDA cleared EEG headset as well as complementary research software. This product is well suited for clinicians and clinical researchers who want to quickly measure brain state and track its changes. The WAVi EEG Headset is FDA cleared for use in routine clinical and research settings where rapid placement of a number of EEG electrodes is desired. 

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