COVID-19 Testing

Regenerative Complete is now offering COVID19 Testing at our office. Schedule either our Rapid Test for results in as little as ten minutes after the test, or schedule a PCR test and find out your results within 3 business days after the test has been administered. We are offering drive up scheduled appointments in 10 minute intervals. Patients should experience little to no waiting for your scheduled test. Tests are conducted in the back of our building in a secured and controlled area. Book now and our appointment will begin with a scheduled telemed visit with our nurse practitioner. Insurance is accepted for PCR testing or we offer $195 self pay tests for rapid and PCR tests. If you are not symptomatic and just concerned you have been exposed we can still administer the test.


What will your testing experience be like?

Our services include a telemed visit with our nurse practitioner. Once your visit and paperwork are completed through our online portal, we can administer your test. These appointments are scheduled in 10 minute intervals. Our drive up model allows you to wait in the safety of your car until our staff is ready for you. We will text you when it is time for you to exit your car and get the test. You will not have to wait in a line or worry about the risk of transmission to and from other patients (compared to being inside a crowded medical office and emergency room).  We will notify you as soon as the results come back from the lab. You will get a response, even on negative results. Click Schedule Now to schedule your appointment today!

It is possible to transmit coronavirus even if you are not symptomatic, so everyone should take precautions to avoid spreading the virus. However, it is most contagious when people have symptoms.

Symptomatic persons have more virus in their respiratory tract than those who are not symptomatic. Also, their coughing and sneezing releases droplets in the air around them, on surfaces and on their hands, which makes them more contagious than someone with no symptoms.

In the early stages of infection, before symptoms appear, it is possible the virus will not be detected by a test, according to the CDC, so a negative test might provide a false sense of security.

If you don't have symptoms, but are worried about getting sick, the best advice is to follow guidelines for social distancing, wash your hands often for a full 20 seconds with soap and water, use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available, and avoid touching your face. Those precautions will help you. Regenerative Complete can still test you if you are concerned you have been in contact with COVID-19.  If insurance will not cover your test we will charge you a flat rate of 250.00 which includes a telemedicine visit with our nurse practitioner.

The person conducting the test will insert a long stick with a very soft brush on the end — kind of like a pipe cleaner — up your nose and twirl it around for a few seconds. The soft bristles will collect a sample of secretions there for analysis. The swab has to go pretty far back, because cells and fluids must be collected from along the entire passageway that connects the base of the nose to the back of the throat to get a really good specimen.

The body is not used to having an object in that area, though, so it creates a lot of very odd sensations. For one thing, it activates the lachrymal reflex, which means it’ll bring tears to your eyes if it’s done correctly. I wouldn't go so far as to say it will hurt, but it is uncomfortable. Since the swab will also touch the back of the throat, it may also trigger a gag reflex.

COVID-19 symptoms vary widely from person to person. As we've learned more about this novel coronavirus and more cases have been diagnosed, new symptoms have been added to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's list of COVID-19 symptoms.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  • fever

  • cough

  • any new shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • chills

  • repeated shaking with chills

  • muscle pain or body aches

  • headache

  • sore throat

  • new loss of taste or smell

  • diarrhea 

  • nausea or vomitting

  • congestion or runny nose

  • fatigue

What happens if my COVID-19 nasal swab test results are postive?

We will review the results, you will be contacted with instructions on what to do next.

If you are sick enough, you may be admitted to the hospital or given a referral for treatment.

What happens if my COVID-19 nasal swab test results are negative, but doctors still suspect I have the coronavirus?

First, we would look at your symptoms. Then, we consider additional testing, or whether your COVID-19 status could be determined using an alternative method, such as an X-ray.

The coronavirus often starts in the upper respiratory tract — where it causes symptoms like a sore throat, runny nose and dry cough. So, if you’re having those symptoms and they’re being caused by the coronavirus, a COVID-19 nasal swab test should come back positive.

But as it evolves, the coronavirus may move into the lower respiratory tract, where it can cause breathing trouble, a more productive cough and low oxygen levels in your blood. That’s when you might start needing oxygen or a respirator, so your lungs can do their job.

At that point, we might refer you for additional testing, like a chest X-ray or a CT scan of the lungs, to determine if you have COVID-19. If they see abnormalities that indicate an infectious process, then they’d weigh the risks and benefits of performing a more invasive procedure to obtain samples from inside your lungs.

One of those procedures is a bronchoscopy, where a fiber-optic camera is inserted down the throat and into the lungs to look around and collect samples. That is done only when absolutely necessary, because as with any other medical procedure, there are risks involved.

What should I do if I think I need to be tested for COVID-19?

A COVID-19 nasal swab test must be prescribed by a doctor. So, if you think you might need to be tested for COVID-19, contact us at Regenerative Complete so we can schedule your telemed visit and swab test.

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