Psychological Assessment

What is a Psychological Assessment?

A psychological assessment is where a professional, such as a family doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist checks to see if you are experiencing a mental health problem. This evaluation generally involves multiple components, which can include answering questions verbally, receiving a physical test, completing a questionnaire and a WAVi Scan. It becomes the first line of defense when seeking an analysis for mood disorders like ADHD, dementia, depression. It may aid in the diagnosis of a concussion or presence of a hormone deficiency. We have partnered with  Psychologist, Dr. Helen Smith to provide psychological assessments and short term treatment. 

Regenerative Complete  utilizes assessments like this to help determine the exact nature and extent of a person’s symptoms. Using a variety of evaluation tools, we can gain insight into a person’s personality. At no point in the process are clients being judged, rather, we are working to help them understand and manage any issues or symptoms impacting their life.

Think of these types of assessments as serving the same purpose of medical tests. If you have physical symptoms, for instance, we may order blood work or X-rays to better understand the cause of the symptoms and help inform an effective treatment plan. Psychological assessments serve the same purpose and we use these tools to measure and observe your behavior to diagnose and treat specific issues.

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