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The treatments we offer can range from recommendations of basic lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements, to medication, physical therapy, Cryoskin and aesthetics, injection therapies, ortho-biologics or surgical intervention.

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Dr.  David Robins

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

As a Regenerative Clinic,  We look at the least invasive way to diagnose and treat you. We are often able to treat the root cause of your problems by examining the body as a whole and not just evaluating your primary symptoms. 


Dr. Robins realized early in his career that Orthopedics, Hormone Deficiencies, Brain Health, Sexual Health and Functional Medicine are interconnected.  With the help of caring staff at Regenerative Complete, implementing these concepts has allowed us to diagnose and treat disease states much differently then most traditional clinics. Patients typically experience success and avoid surgery. 


Our comprehensive process takes into account your lifestyle and individual needs. We will develop a customized treatment plan that revitalizes and regenerates the healing process to get you back to the best you. If you are frustrated with clinics that give patients "one size fits all" treatment options, schedule an appointment today and see why our patients believe Regenerative Complete is so special!

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Regenerative Complete is excited to welcome Dr. Helen Smith to our staff. She will be offering three to four sessions as short term mental health counseling and consultation. The goals of the sessions will be to address the client's major concerns about their emotional health and how to learn to make changes that will improve their quality of life and reduce negative symptoms. Her treatment protocols are aligned with our Neural Scan assessments and can provide a greater understanding of the results of the EEG Scans.


Dr.  Helen Smith


Tired of Low T?


Make a Lifestyle Change. There is more to hormone replacement then a weekly shot. At Regenerative Complete, It is part of a comprehensive treatment protocol to be your best. Do something about your Low T issues today and come see us!

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I highly recommend Dr. Robins and the services offered at Regenerative Complete. All of the staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly! I have had the wave treatments for a frozen shoulder and wrist fracture and have seen improvement in range of motion after each visit! They will go the extra mile for you!
My hubby also visited and did a Cryotherapy session. He said it was "Fantastic". He felt rejuvenated and says don't forget to use the heated massage chair while listening to music after the therapy. Thanks to Joe for making him feel great! He will definitely be back for this very special rejuvenating treatment.


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